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Accordia-Fold Tapes


Angle Irons

Arch & Hollow Punches

Arch Punch Kits

Arch Punches (Inches)

Arch Punches Millimeters

Austrian Shade Tape


Belt Punches (Inches)

Belt Punches (Millimeters)

Best Pleat

Brass Rodding

Bruno Tools

Buttons (C.S. Osborne)

Buttons #9 Wire Eye

Buttons #44 Wire Eye

Buttons (Snap Together)

Canvas Tools

Chain (Metal)

Chain (Plastic)

Chain Connectors

Chair Glides

Chalk (Colors)

Chalk (White)

Child Safety Tapes


Chisels (Thonging)


Clutch Tubes

Conso Cotton Piping Cords

Conso Poly Cable Cords

Conso Polyester Piping Cords

Conso Thread

Control Chain (Metal)

Control Chain (Plastic)

Control Cord

Cord Cleats

Cord Guides

Cord Locks

Cord Loops

Corrugated Boxes

Cubicle Curtain Mesh

Curtain Fastener Cutter

Curve Ease

Dacron/Polyester Rolls

Decorative Nails (Artex Private Label)

Decorative Nails (C.S. Osborne)

Decorative Nails (Massasoit Tackband)

Drapery Lining (Hanes)

Drapery Lining (Roc-Lon)

Drive Punches

Edge Tools

EZ Ancors

Fabric Sprays

Fiber Welt Cord

Foam (Bolsters)

Foam Cutters

Foam (Outdoor)

Foam Rolls

Foam Sheets

Foam Sheets (FR Blue)

Fusion Tape

Garco Gasket Cutters

Garco Packing Cutters

Garco Packing Extractors

Garco Rod Seal Installation Tools

Garden Tools

Glue Guns

Glue Sticks

Grommets (Kits)

Grommet (Kits - Home)

Grommet (Kits - Set It Yourself)

Grommet Hole Cutter

Grommets (Large)

Grommets (Large Spur)

Grommets (Rolled Rim With Spur Washer)

Grommets (Self Piercing)

Grommets (Sheet Metal)

Grommets (Stainless Steel)



Joined Pivot (Double Button)

Kirsch Architrac

Kirsch Architrac 9046

Kirsch Architrac 9600

Kirsch Architrac 93001

Kirsch Architrac 94001

Kirsch Architrac 94003

Kirsch Architrac 94004

Kirsch Architrac 94005

Kirsch Architrac 94008

Kirsch Superfine Traverse Rods


Leather Punches


Marine Tools

Mending Plates


Monofilament Thread

Mop Cord

Needle Kits

Needles (Curved)

Needles (Specialty)

Needles (Straight)

Nylon Zippers


Oval Drive Punches

Packing Extractor Sets


Pillows (100% Down)

Pillows (50% Down/50% Feather)

Pillows (25% Down/75% Feather)

Pillows (10% Down/90% Feather)

Pillows (5%Down/95% Feather)

Pillows (Down Like Polyester)

Pillows (Inexpensive Polyester)

Pinch Dogs

Pins (Straight)

Pins (T)

Pins (Upholstery)


Poly Tubing (Flexible Packaging)

Punches (Round or Drive)


Ripplefold Tape

Rollease Battery Motors

Rollease Galaxy Series

Rollease R Series

Rollease Roller Roman Shade Systems

Rollease Skyline Collection

Rollers (Wood)

Roman Shade Cord

Roman Shade Ribs

Roman Shade Rings

Roman Shade Tape

Round Punches

Ruby Red Twine



Screw Eyes



Snap Kits

Staplers and Staple Lifters


Strap End Punches

Strap End Punches (English Point)


Tack Strips (Cardboard)

Tack Strips (Metal)

Tacks (Blued Cut Carpet & Upholstery)

Tacks (Blued Sterilized C.S. Osborne)

Tapes (Transparent)


Thonging Chisels

Thread (Nylon)

Thread (Upholstery)

Thonging Chisels

Transparent Workroom Tapes

Traverse Cord

Tufting Needles

Tufting Twine

Turn Button Cutter

Twill Tape

Twine (Ruby Red)

Twist Pins

Upholsterer's Regulators


ery Kits

Velcro® Brand Velcoins®

Velcro® Hook & Loop

Velcro® Texacro Hook & Loop

Vertical Blind Brackets

Venetian Blind Cord

Venetian Blind Tape

Webbing (Jute)

Weight Bars 3/8"" Diameter

Webbing (Poly 3-1/2"" Woven)

Webbing (Propex 3-1/2"")

Webbing (Rubber)

Webbing Stretchers


Window Shade Brackets

Window Shade Pulls

Window Shade Rollers (Wood)

Zip Lock Bags

Zipper Jig

Zipper Stop Pliers


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